GEG’s team of industry experts consists of the company’s employees, as well as a number of advisors and partners.

Management Team


CFO Rúna Hagalínsdóttir | +354 866 4455

Runa has over 15 years of experience in the financial sector in Iceland, since the year 2000. Prior to joining GEG, Runa served as the Managing Director of Business Development and Finance at North Tech Energy (NTE). Before joining NTE, Runa became a part of Kvika Investment Bank in 2016, where she worked as a specialist within Operation and Finance, serving as specialist in Organizational Development since 2018. Prior to joining Kvika, Runa was with Straumur investment bank starting in 2007 as their Director of Debt Management, later becoming the CEO and Attorney Assistant.

Runa holds a B.Sc. Degree in Business and Marketing from Reykjavik University and a Masters degree in Business and Administration (MBA) focused on Executive Administration from Reykjavik University since 2014.


CTO Snorri Einarsson | +354 867 1312

Snorri has over 15 years of experience in engineering work related to geothermal power plants. He began his engineering career in 2007 at Iceland’s largest engineering firm, Mannvit, and has remained dedicated to geothermal energy ever since.

He studied Mechanical and Energy Engineering at Reykjavik University, and has a background in Marine Engineering. Snorri joined Green Energy Geothermal International ltd. (a part of GEG since 2020) in 2012, and ever since has been a vital part of the development of GEG ehf.’s geothermal power plant solution.


CRO Vijay Chauhan | +354 864 5779

Dr. Chauhan has a Doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering from Reykjavik University. His PhD research work was focused on developing techniques for superheated steam scrubbing and utilization for power generation, in relation to the Iceland Deep Drilling Project (IDDP).

His research interests include thermo-economic optimization of geothermal power plants and mitigation technology development for the treatment of geothermal fluid with acid gas and solid impurities. He also has experience in design and installation for the direct usage of geothermal resources and ground source heat pumps for space heating.

He is also actively involved in teaching and academic research at Reykjavik University, with the objective of narrowing the gap between industry and academia. He has made contributions in terms of publications in various international journals and conferences related to the field of geothermal energy research.


Director of Sustainable Development 

Kendall Cromartie | +354 787 7774

Kendall has a MSc. in Sustainable Energy from the Iceland School of Energy at Reykjavik University. She has over 4 years of professional experience in the fields of sustainability, the environment, and renewable energy as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Ecosystems Science and Policy from the University of Miami in the US. Kendall has worked for various environmental, energy-focused companies and organizations in the past, including the US Department of Energy. 

Kendall also has over 3 years of professional and academic experience in policy, content creation and editing, marketing, project coordination, business development, and writing.

Research Assistants

GEG also employs a team of Research Assistants, all professional geologists from a local university (Háskólinn í Reykjavík), who are completing their final theses. Each of their MSc. projects are connected to ongoing or potential GEG geothermal projects.

Alfonso Mohor

Alfonso a professional geologist from Concepción, Chile with a Bachelor’s in Geology from the University of Chile (Universidad de Chile). He is currently completing his MSc. from the Iceland School of Energy at Reykjavik University. Alfonso is working alongside GEG on his research into his home country, on his thesis topic A Technical, Economic, Social, and Environmental Assessment of Geothermal Resources in Chile.

Jennifer Jolliffe

Jen is a professional geologist from Campbell River, Canada, with over 15 years of experience and a BScH in Geological Sciences from Queen’s University. She is currently completing her MSc. from the Iceland School of Energy at Reykjavik University. Jen is working with GEG on her thesis project concerning Geothermal Energy Utilization with a Value-Added Lithium Extraction Component.

Laura Constanza Bocanegra Rodríguez

Laura is a professional geologist from Bogota, Colombia with over 8 years of experience and a Bachelor’s in geology from the National University of Colombia (Universidad Nacional de Colombia). She is currently completing her MSc. from the Iceland School of Energy at Reykjavik University. Laura is working with our team on our early-stages Ecuador project, and her MSc. project is on Re-purposing Oil and Gas Wells for Geothermal Energy Use in Ecuador. 

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