GEG Power is acting as development partner and investor through the Geoneer venture, an international partnership. The business is built on the experience of complete turn-key wellhead geothermal power plant development technology independent.

With its international partners and owners, GEG is well positioned to drive geothermal power development engaging with potential partners.

GEG is building its offer on:

  • Delivery of standalone units or several units in power farms
  • Standardised design and components,  optimised to individual well characteristics & output specifications
  • Modular design allowing for cost-efficient electricity generation from remote and stranded wells
  • Early access to revenue and lower up-front investments compared to traditional large-scale developments
  • Containerised modules allow for rapid deployment and early revenues
  • Plants can be deployed and commissioned within 12-14 months, allowing faster return on investment

GEG plant development:

  • Scalable from 0.5 to 20.0 MW units per well
  • Components arrive in standard 40” containers
  • Ease of construction, installed on site within a matter of weeks
  • Faster power online, earlier revenues
  • Utilize wells outside reach of traditional plants,
  • Mobility/reusability if resource fails or depletes
  • Potential to utilize excess steam from traditional plants
  • Utilize varying well pressures rather than balancing multiple wells

Faster development and earlier path to revenues